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Phase II consists of Year 3, 4 and 5 of the Medical Doctor course in USM.   It has been structured to enable the graduate to do the following:-

1.        Understand the scientific basis of medicine and its application to patient care.

2.        Acquire a satisfactory standard of clinical competency relating to the following:

  • Ability to interview and obtain a satisfactory case history from patients.

  • Ability to perform physical examination and carry out simple clinical procedures.

  • Ability to diagnose common diseases and acute emergencies and formulate  their solutions, which include the institution of first line management, before referral for specialist treatment whenever necessary.

  • Acquisition of satisfactory behavioural and communication skills necessary for instituting patient management.


3.        Understand and appreciate  the  socio-cultural  background  of patients and their environment in formulating   plan of management, including long term management and follow-ups.

4.        Understand the broader role, responsibilities and professionalism of a doctor in society and play the leading role in the health care of  community.

5.        Utilise the knowledge acquired to pursue continuing medical education.

6.        Appreciate the importance of ethics in medical practice and in culcate good habits in daily practice.

7.        Brace to the knowledge and skills in order to become a competent houseman upon completing the course.


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