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Elective Programme

Intodcution for Elective Programe PPSP

The Elective Program is a unique program at the School of Medical Sciences (PPSP), USM Health Campus, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. It was first introduced as early as PPSP was established, in line with the philosophy of PPSP, which aiming to produce a quality, knowledgeable, professional and competitive graduate at the national and international level. Elective programs provide a useful platform for students to enhance their clinical skills, interpersonal communication, general medical knowledge and engagement with the local community. USM was awarded as one of the first university that gained APEX status and one of the four universities with the status of University Research (RU). In order to enhance the research ecosystem, PPSP through an elective program will ensure that each of its graduates is able to understand and practices the scientific research and translate the scientific outcomes for the usage by the local community. At this juncture, the elective program is a branch of learning introduced by almost all universities offering undergraduate medical study in the world. It gives students the opportunity to study medicine beyond the scope of the existing curriculum at their respective hospital/universities. Students are free to choose the specialty and places of the elective that they want to do. By doing so, the students also indirectly trained to be independent and has their freedom to expand their skills, interest as well as spiritual in the chosen fields. The elective program is one of the planned programs in the academic calendar and the time allocated should be used as wisely as possible, in order to help empower yourself as a knowledgeable, multitalented, highly productive graduates that will lead to a better generation creation in future.
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