fMRI Services

FMRI Services
A simulation room with 3T MRI scanner is also available to researchers and clinicans for teaching, patients demonstration, design,evaluation and other puposes. The simulation room is located in other room  next to the actual  3 Tesla MRI room. Its may use for:
  • Subject training or additional testing not requiring to be performed inside the MR scanner
  • Debugging of stimulation programs
  • Any kind of preparation required before the scan; set up and preparation of EEG net,lens checking (for visual corrections), other fMRI gadgets
This simulator is equipped with an integrated functional imaging system (IFIS) for stimulus display and response recording.
Available equipment
  • MRI scanner mockup (Psychology Software Tools)
  • Responses pads
  • Visual and auditory stimulus presentation equipment
  • Trigger signal simulator
fMRI Services/ Research:
(1) Motor
- Visual Motor
- Finger Tapping
- Lip Movement
(2) Special Sensory
- Visual Only
- Auditory Word                                     
- Auditory Tone
- Smell
- Eye Tracking
(3) Sensory
- Somatosensory
- Brush Stimulator
(4) Cognitive Function
- Verb Generation
- Sentence Completion
-Picture Naming
-Mathematical Solving

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