Booking Instruction

Please contact Administrator (email: / ext: 6116) for any questions that aren't answered here.

Making/Altering Events

How do I create an event?


How do I make a recurring event?

Clicking on the desired time brings you into the booking screen. Select the appropriate Repeat Type. The room will be scheduled at the same time, until the Repeat End Date, on the days determined by the Repeat Type.


Why can't I delete/alter an event?

In order to delete or alter an event, you must be logged in as the same person that made the event. Contact eBPSP administrators or the person who initially made the event to have it deleted or changed.


How do I delete one instance of a recurring event?

Select the day/room/time that you want to delete and select Delete Entry.


How do I schedule rooms at different sites?

You don't. Presently the system cannot book two different rooms simultaneously. You must schedule each one separately. Make sure that the time you want is available at both sites before making a booking.


What happens if multiple people schedule the same event?

The short answer is: The first person to click on the Submit button wins. Behind the scenes, the system is using a proper multi-user, multi-threaded relational database than can handle many thousands of simultaneous users.