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Yellow Zone

According to MTC 2011

YELLOW ZONE : is a semi critical zone, seen within 30 minutes

The patient's condition may progress to life or limb threatening, or may lead to significant morbidity, if assessment and treatment are not commenced within thirty minutes of arrival OR

There is potential for adverse outcome if time-critical treatment is not commenced within thirty minutes. OR

Humane practice mandates the relief of severe discomfort or distress.

Example of cases :

  1.    Trauma patients with GCS of 14/15.
  2.    Trauma patients with unequal pupils with GCS of 15/15.
  3.    Trauma patients with lower limb fracture but stable e.g. Tib Fib #, Femur # and stable Spinal and Pelvic fracture.
  4.    Near total Amputated limb with stable BP.
  5.    Dislocation with inability to walk e.g. knee.
  6.    Second degree burn of 15-25% body surface in adults and 10-20% surface area in children not involving face and throat.
  7.    Third degree burn of 10% body surfacearea.
  8.    Alleged poisoning cases or Drug overdose with stable BP and GCS of 14/15.
  9.    Severe abdominal pain or severe uretheric colic or backache.
  10. A patient-toxic looking and dehydrated.
  11. Severe bleeding with stable BP and normal Pulse Rate.
  12. Vomiting or diarrhea and lethargic of  paediatric age 2 years - 12 years and adults age less than 65 years and not able to walk but BP and Pulse stable.
  13. Vomiting continuously with BP systolic of <100mmHg.
  14. Dyspnoea < 25 per min.
  15. Dyspnoea with saturation of > 95% and Respiration Rate of 20-25/min.
  16. Hyperventilation and unable to walk.
  17. BP of <220/120mmHg without symptoms.
  18. High grade fever >40 degrees, toxic looking and dehydrated but BP and Pulsestable.
  19. Migrine unable to walk.
  20. Severe epistaxis.
  21. Change of catheter and patients on trolley








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