Sample Size Calculator

Sample Size Calculator version 2.0

Update: October 2017

Download: Sample Size Calculator v2.0.xls

The Sample Size Calculator consists of six tabs for:

  1. Zα and Zβ.
  2. Means - Single mean (B3, B4), Two-mean comparison (independent and paired) (B1, B2) and standard deviation of difference (B5).
  3. Proportion - Single proportion (C2), two-proportions comparison (independent) (C1), and sensitivity and specificity (C3)
  4. Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) (D1).
  5. Kappa coefficient (E1).
  6. Cronbach's alpha coefficient (F1, F2).

The first three tabs (1, 2 and 3) are quite basic; I use these for teaching postgraduate students.

In addition, tab 4, 5 and 6 are sample size calculators for three common reliability coefficients. These are very useful for researchers to decide on sample sizes for interrater reliability and scale reliability. I could not find good sample size calculators for these coefficients, and it is quite overwhelming to calculate the sample sizes manually from the formulas provided in the original papers.

The decision to make it accessible in form of spreadsheet file is because the ease of development and cross-platform readability of .xls file. Although the spreadsheet was created in LibreOffice Calc, the .xls should be compatible with other spreadsheet applications.

Future: R shiny version for tab 4, 5 and 6 is planned.

Suggested reference:

APA: Arifin, W. N. (2017). Sample size calculator (Version 2.0) [Spreadsheet file]. Available from

Vancouver: Arifin WN. Sample size calculator (Version 2.0) [Spreadsheet file]. Author: 2017. Available from

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